Event Strategies

Events are a vital tool to any organization. Whether the primary goal is donor development, increased public awareness or simply raising money – a properly executed and strategic event can help you accomplish all of this. Many organizations produce events because they feel they have to or because their donors expect it. But events should be multi-faceted and should engage your community and staff, not overwhelm them. I will show you how events can build a sense of community among your existing donor base while educating a broader audience about your mission. We will set the stage for individual giving and create opportunities to improve donor relations in the future – as the long-term outcome is so often overlooked. Events should never be considered a singular fundraising effort, but rather a tool to jump-start future gifts. 
We’ll thoroughly discuss key strategies that aid in donor development. I will coach you on how to communicate with your donors and help build relationships based on trust and a passion for your cause. We’ll look at how to leverage strategic partnerships throughout your community with businesses and other organizations. Finally we’ll discuss what a “win-win” relationship truly looks like for a non-profit organization and how these partnerships play out through your events.