Charitable Marketing

For Nonprofits

Businesses receive an overwhelming number of requests for donations each and every day. Your messaging needs to differentiate and intrigue. The goal is to make your request impossible to turn down. We will look at your business and corporate partnerships and make sure that you are providing benefits that align with their business goals. By doing this, we build loyalty and commitment to the partnership. It’s about fostering a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.  

For Businesses

Your business likely receives donation requests every day. In reality, you can’t possibly respond to all of them. But how do you make a decision? Should you choose the request from a Board member’s daughter’s school? Believe it or not, that’s often the direction many of these decisions go. Businesses are inundated with an influx of requests these days that can be overwhelming and many businesses just don’t have the resources to fund them all - nor do they have the time to sort through and make strategic decisions. This is where I come in. 
We will devise a plan to sort through your many requests and help you make decisions that align with your charitable giving plan, while also giving you an opportunity to enhance your brand awareness (YES, it’s ok to do that!) Charitable giving can be a marketing opportunity, and you should take full advantage. I will show you how and give you guidelines for leveraging your gift.